Wednesday July 12th, 2:30pm

As part of the Halifax Jazz Festival free daytime programming.

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“He has depth and maturity to match his unending virtuosity and aptitude on the guitar" - John Jorgenson

Twenty-one year old Quinn Bachand has proven himself beyond integral to Canada’s contribution to the world stage. As one half of the symbiotic brother-and- sister talent-trust Qristina and Quinn Bachand, since their 2008 debut the pair have released 3 genre-busting albums to global acclaim and toured across North America, Europe and Australia performing at major Folk and Celtic festivals. Launched in 2013, Quinn’s gypsy swing project, Brishen, has likewise turned heads to this master of musical styles and all things stringed, garnering him a mantle-packing collection of awards and recognition including an unprecedented 5 nominations at the 2014 Canadian Folk Music Awards! Brishen, Romany for ‘bringer of the storm’, is what Quinn and his talented band (Reuben Wier, Alan Mackie, Peyton Plenninger and Matt Pease) serve up with their original western and euro-gypsy swing homage. They introduce a space where virtuosity meets vibe, leaving you with a sense of jubilance and nostalgia. With understated mastery and intuition, the group dedicates itself to musicality and the root of trad jazz and swing with the goal of bridging the gap between early Western Swing and Euro Swing. Quinn Bachand’s fascination, respect and commitment to tradition is clearly palpable, setting him apart from the rest with effects that are awe inspiring.

The release of Quinn’s new album, Blue Verdun, showcases the old-school pop sensibilities of artists like Bobby Vinton and Brenda Lee while retaining a mature sense of musicianship heard in the playing of Bob Wills, Joe Venuti, and Charlie Christian. Brishen operates live as a 5 piece with rhythm guitar, drums and bass also featuring a clarinet and saxophonist to complement Quinn’s voice and string work on fiddle and guitar. Quinn Bachand’s Brishen is launching Blue Verdun this summer with performances across Canada at folk and jazz festivals from British Columbia to Nova Scotia.