Application Deadline has been extended, applications still being accepted.

The Executive Director (ED) represents the public face of the festival and Association. Most of the Halifax Jazz Festival's key sponsors and partners will have the ED as their primary point of contact. He or she is also the primary liaison between JazzEast's Board of Directors and its Staff.

The ED also assumes the duel role of Chief of Staff and Director of Operations. He or she is directly responsible for managing contract workers and volunteers year-round. Through careful planning and strategic allocation of resources throughout the year, the ED must coordinate the activities of several dozen people and budgeted finances to successfully produce JazzEast's flagship event, the Halifax Jazz Festival each July. He or she is also responsible for overseeing the successful deployment of HJF's extensive community outreach and education program, which culminates each year in the acclaimed Creative Music Workshop each summer.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the main duties of the Executive Director are:

•      Financial Management and Reporting - With direction from the Finance Committee and the approval of the Board, prepare an Annual Budget and ensure that all approved and projected expenses, revenues and cash flows fall within the parameters of the budget.   Deploy systems and controls to carefully approve, monitor, record and report on expenses, employee remittances, and other financial (including tax related) transactions.

•      Human Resource Management - With the guidance from the HR Committee and approval of the Board and working within the parameters of the approved budget, identify and manage staffing roles, compensation, working relationships and priorities.  Assist with hiring and overseeing festival and event staff.

•      Sponsor Recruitment, Renewal and Reporting - In collaboration with the Board (Sponsorship Committee), identify and pursue diverse sponsors, suppliers, strategic partners and cross-promotional opportunities with corporations, foundations, government agencies, venues, and other national and local creative economy events and networks that align with JazzEast’s mission and vision.

•      Negotiating and executing key contracts - With the approval of the Board (Finance Committee) and in collaboration with the Artistic Director, participate in the negotiation, execution, and reporting on terms of contracts with designated performers, promoters, venues, sponsors, suppliers, producers, creditors, staff and other contractors.

•      Board Reporting and Governance - In keeping with JazzEast’s strategic direction and vision, with Board approval, and working in regular contact with the Chair, provide general oversight, coordination, organizational support and direction.  Prepare reports for board and appropriate committees as needed and support standing and ad hoc Committees.

•      Marketing & Communications - Oversee the development and implementation of effective marketing and communication strategies to enhance JazzEast’s and the Jazz Festival’s national and local visibility and reputation. 

•      Programming - Under the direction of the Programming Committee and in partnership with the Artistic Director (and other partners), identify potential programming and fundraising initiatives and support the delivery of JazzEast’s programs and events.

•      Member and volunteer recruitment, retention and co-ordination - Depending on the membership model adopted by the Board, in collaboration with the relevant coordinator, identify opportunities, packages, privileges and other benefits that can attract and engage members and volunteers. 

Job Requirements:
•       Bachelor’s degree in some related field, although this is not strictly required.
•       5 years related work and/or management experience
•       Experience in the non-profit cultural sector an asset                         

 General Competencies:
•      Excellent written and verbal communication skills ((fluency in a second language considered an asset)
•      An intimate understanding of the local arts and culture community in Halifax (i.e. the sustainability and expansion opportunities for JazzEast's audience base)
•      The ability to plan quickly and effectively, coupled with a willingness to adapt to changes that are thrust upon you unexpectedly
•      Excellent time and personal management skills
•      Ability to troubleshoot, mediate and “put out fires” whenever needed

Relevant Skills:
•       Dynamic, outgoing personality
•       Ease in public speaking
•       Ability to develop and maintain strong interpersonal relationships (e.g. with JazzEast's sponsors, partners, staff and volunteers)
•       Solid Leadership skills to manage different teams throughout the Festival process. (before and during the festival)
•       the ability to manage the competing demands and expectations of multiple stakeholders
•       a flexible attitude blended with the ability to remain calm and solve problems quickly under pressure
•       the ability to work collaboratively with other staff and/or volunteers on a variety of projects
•       experience with developing and managing budgets of various sizes

About Halifax Jazz Festival:
The TD Halifax Jazz Festival, formerly known as the Atlantic Jazz Festival, is the oldest jazz festival and largest summer festival in Atlantic Canada. Designated a Hallmark Event by the Halifax Regional Municipality, the festival attracts up to 55,000 visitors, involves 450 volunteers and employs over 350 local musicians.

Interested applicants, please contact:
Andrew Killawee,
Board Chair, Halifax Jazz Festival at: