Saturday July 16th, 7:00pm
St. Matthew's Church


Two of Canada’s most acclaimed solo instrumentalists have combined to create Never were the way she was, a “metaphorical narrative of the life of a girl who ages slow as mountains; excited, exalted, and ultimately exiled in her search for a world that resembles her experience.” Colin Stetson—who is technically American—plays the bass saxophone and is a much sought-after indie-rock collaborator, most notably with Bon Iver, and has released a trio of critically acclaimed albums called New History Warfare. Sarah Neufeld is a violin player, member of Bell Orchestre and touring member of Arcade Fire, two of the other bands Stetson is known for working with, and released her solo debut Hero Brother in 2013. “Within the jazz, avant-garde, and experimental worlds,” wrote SPIN of Never were the way she was, “the two formally trained artists and partners (they live together) stand as distinct yet like-minded as Khalil Gibran’s cypress and oak trees.”
Stetson and Neufeld have composed an album of great beauty, of challenging songs, of varied and exciting textures, while keeping the music out of the realm of impenetrable—you will feel, oh, how you’ll feel.