Thursday July 14th, 8:30pm

With City and Colour


“Pop songs can take all those big statements and those big feelings that you have,” says Basia Bulat. “You don’t need to necessarily have everything so detailed because everybody understands. Everybody understands those feelings.”
For her fourth full-length album, the follow-up to the Polaris Prize-nominated Tall Tall Shadow, Bulat drove from Toronto to Louisville, Kentucky, to meet up with My Morning Jacket’s Jim James, who took her acoustic break-up ballads and turned them into something else—more upbeat, more forceful, more—as you might expect from a man like James—psychedelic. Bulat’s powerful voice, like an indie-rock Natalie Merchant, belies the sadness of her lyrics: “Come back or not but call it off/come back or don’t but turn me down/don’t waste my time pretending love is somewhere else,” she sings on “Infamous.” You want her to find it again anyway.